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About Us


Long-Term Business

 Fabrication Plus was established in San Jose, CA and has been serving the fabrication needs of the industrial community since 1976.  With complete fabricating, machining and welding capabilities we have produced precision weldments for many major companies.  Many of the projects we have been involved with are in the Aero Space, Electronics, Fire Fighting, Medical, Mining, Motorcycle, Packaging, and Search & Rescue industry.  Incorporating in 2001, Precision Fabrication Plus still maintains the philosophy of giving the customer the best product that we can at a fair price and has allowed us to continue to grow over the past 40 years. 


In-House Products

In 2014 we decided to utilize our in-house  design capabilities and expand our business into the automotive industry.  With our attention to detail and quality the RDP XTREME brand was born.  Our IFS DELETE system was engineered and tested for years prior to it's release to ensure versatility and long-term durability.  With our passion for the Duramax Diesel engine and knowing the late-model diesel craze we decided to design the industries first production SQUAREMAX conversion in 2016.


Attention to Detail

From extensive research & development process to production products we strive for excellence in everything we do.  Our commitment to quality is second to none and will never be sacrificed.